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IPD Management SoftwareIPD Management Software

IPD (In-Patient) is an integrated module that covers various task like Patient Indoor
IPD Billing
Registration, Admission, Bed Allocation, IPD Billing, Case History Management, Patient Care, Ward management, Nursing Station Management, Bed Occupation Matrix. It is best suitable for small Nursing Home, mid-level Hospital, Large Hospital or Super Specialty Hospital.

IPD Management Software is a module of hospital management system - Aarogya and takes care of admission, discharge, billing, charges and the transfer process of a patient. It captures the diagnostic tests, medicines and procedures prescribed by the doctors and nurses.

IPD Billing features:

  Wards, Floor, Room & Bed Configuration.   Bed Occupation Matrix.   Admission and Bed Allocation.   Payment Receipts.   Medical Observation and Nursing Notes.   Physician Order Entry.   Laboratory & Radiology Investigations.   Procedures and clinical services Requests.   Patient Dues Report.
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