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Medical store management software is suitable for as Medicine Billing or Pharmacy Billing, Drugs Store Billing. This software provides many Data Entry and Report like Purchase Bill Entry,
Pharmacy Software
Purchase Return bill Entry, Sale Bill Entry and Expiry report, Nearby Expiry, Vat Report, Stock Re-order Report, Drug Stocks, Stock Ledger & Stock Valuation and ABC Analysis, FSN Analysis, Medicine Report, Pharmacy Stocks, Non-moving Medicine Stocks etc.

Medical store Management Software covers many reports like Indent Register, Quotation Register, Purchase Order Register, Stock Issue/Receipt Register, Stock Valuation. Stock Ageing, Supplier outstanding etc.

Key features:

Pharmacy Software   Purchase Indents & Orders. Pharmacy Software   P.O Approval & Cancellation. Pharmacy Software   Goods Receipt Notes/ Purchase Returns. Pharmacy Software   Drugs/Medical Supplies to patients & Wards. Pharmacy Software   Batch & Expiry Management. Pharmacy Software   Fast Moving/ Non Moving Drugs. Pharmacy Software   Stock Transfer between Sub-Stores. Pharmacy Software   Drug Stocks (Company/Composition/category wise). Pharmacy Software   Stock Ledgers and Stock Valuation. Pharmacy Software   ABC/FSN/XYZ/HML Sales Analysis. Pharmacy Software   Pharmacy Billing to Patients. Pharmacy Software   Supplier Outstanding. Pharmacy Software   Financial Posting to Accounts Section.
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