OPD Management Software

AAROGYA features an organized OPD for handling large number of patients to be attended by multiple Doctors in an OPD. The complete cycle of an effective OPD from Registration, Patient History, Patient Diagnosis, and Prescription etc. is stored and managed effectively.

The system leverages Health Insurance and TPA tracking along with ICDX codes. With powerful reporting from scanning and storing entire Patient demographics like X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Pathology and other diagnostic reports etc.


  • OPD Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient registration (Old/New Patient)
  • Emergency Patient Registrations
  • Generate UHID for New Patient
  • Record Patient Demographic details
  • Health Insurance Sponsors and verification
  • Record Patient Past History, Family History, Drug Sensitiveness
  • Investigations advice, Procedure & Clinical requests by Consultants
  • Drug Prescriptions
  • OPD Day Care Billing
  • OPD Refunds
  • OPD Registration Report
  • Department wise /Consultant/ Case /Area wise OPD Reports
  • Estimate for Treatment
  • Emergency Statistics Report
  • Patient Admission request to Ward
  • OPD Receipt Printing
  • Prescription Card generation