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Payroll SoftwarePayroll Software (HR)

Payroll Software module facilitates many Transaction entry likes Attendance Entry, Leave Entry, Loan and Advance Entry and Bonus Creation and many Reports likes Attendance/Loan Register software, Attendance Register-Daily and Salary Register, salary slip, PF reports, PF challan, ESI reports software, Bonus Register, ROTA register etc. The Payroll Software helps in filing and maintaining various challans and returns under the various Statutory Laws related to Salary like PF, ESI, Professional Tax, and TDS etc.

Key features:

  Employee Personal Details.   Shift Defining.   Duty Roaster Tracking.   Attendance Management.   Leaves/Holiday Accounting.   Allowances & Deductions.   Employee Promotion, Transfer & Resignation.   Payroll Processing.   Statutory Reports.

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